991 CUP Torque Flow Limited Slip Differential with Ring Gear & Pinion Shaft

• 4340 Billet Case Hardened Body
• 9310 High Grade REMOVABLE Crown Wheel
• 9310 High Grade Pinion Shaft
• Shot-Peened and Heat Treated Body, Cover and Internals
Custom Dual Ramps 40/60 or 50/80
REM-Polished Internal Gears and Plates
• Precision Ground Bearing Surfaces
Aerospace -Tech Friction Discs
• Formula One Tooth Profile 

• Elimination of Cross-Shafts to Optimize Efficiency

* REMOVABLE/REPLACEABLE Ring Gear & Pinion Shaft – Is the first of its kind, enabling quick replacement and minimizing replacement cost vs. OEM.
*Larger diameter side gears allow for the most progressive lock-up on acceleration and deceleration on the market*

Unlock the full potential of your Porsche 991 CUP Car with our custom limited slip differential upgrade. Crafted from 8620 Billet Body and 8620 Billet Cover Shot-Peened materials, this upgrade ensures unparalleled durability and performance. Our custom dual ramps (40/60 & 50/80) optimize traction and stability, giving you enhanced control on every turn, acceleration and deceleration.

Experience smoother transitions and improved responsiveness with highly polished (REM) internal gears and plates, meticulously engineered for peak efficiency. Aerospace-technology friction discs provide maximum grip and reliability, even under the most demanding driving conditions.

Elevate your driving experience to new heights with our advanced limited slip differential upgrade – because every corner and every input deserves perfection.



  • Transaxle Type: 991 CUP Car