GT4 Close Ratio 3rd – 6th Gear Kit

• High grade fine-grained EN36A VAR material
• CNC-machined
• Formula One tooth profile
• Shot-peened
• REM-polished
• Close Ratio Gears optimized for race use

Elevate your Porsche GT4’s performance with our Close Ratio 3rd – 6th Gear Kit upgrade. Crafted from high-grade fine-grained EN36A VAR material and precision CNC-machined to perfection, these gears ensure exceptional strength and reliability on the track. The Formula One tooth profile guarantees seamless gear transitions and optimal power delivery, while shot-peening and REM-polishing enhance surface durability and reduce friction for improved performance. Designed with close ratio gears optimized for race use, this upgrade delivers unparalleled acceleration and responsiveness, giving you the competitive edge you need to dominate the raceway. Gear up for victory with our Close Ratio Gear Kit upgrade – because every gear change matters when chasing the checkered flag.


Gear Ratios


3rd Gear 20:31 1.550
4th Gear 21:27 1.286
5th Gear 24:26 1.083
6th Gear 26:25 0.962
GT4 Close Ratio 3rd - 6th Gear Kit chart


Porsche GT4 with manual transmission

Preferred Installer

Bill Rader Motorsports LLC

No Politics Racing is happy and very grateful for the collaboration with Mr. Bill Rader at Bill Rader Motorsports, Las Vegas to partner in the development of this product. Mr. Bill Rader is one of the foremost minds in Porsche Racing and transaxle preparation as many know. At NPR we strive to create the highest quality products on the market from the materials used to the knowledge put into every product we manufacture.